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  • Joann

    As a new member the gym is personalable clean no pressure at your own pace .

  • Andy Quested

    Having been a member of New York Sports Clubs for many years I was directed to Revolution by my daughter after Covid closed down things. I had been dissapointed by NYSC for a long time very impersonal and lack of attention to cleaning and equipment upkeep. Revolution is 360 degree difference Vinny and his staff do care and you feel like you are part of a family. Its a great club and for me very close to home. Best move I ever made regarding fitness. Now I just need to work off all that weight !

  • Allison Costa

    Revolution Fitness has taken my fitness goals to the next level. Vinny and team are amazing motivators and ensure you are pushed to your limits during each and every workout. I always look forward to walking through the doors of Revolution- the members are incredibly supportive and the gym is welcoming to all fitness levels. The equipment is top notch and extensive from machines to weights to accessories, helping to exhance your strength, mobility and challenge your body. All of the group classes are full of energy and always keep you enticed, while burning the maximum calories. The cleanliness of this gym is exceptional. I would highly recommend Revolution to anyone looking for guaranteed results in an inspiring atmosphere.

  • Leslie

    I’ve been part of Revolution Fitness for about eight years and have watched it evolve into a results driven, goal oriented, family gym. The classes are motivating & different each time challenging you to push yourself to be the best you can be both physically and mentally. The owner invests back into the gym always buying new state of the art equipment for us members to work on to get healthier, fit and stronger. If you are looking for a gym where everyone is supportive, encouraging and friendly this is the place. Revolution Fitness is life changing… invest in yourself and check it out!

  • Deanna

    here it goes! I joined revolution in 2012. My cousin ( who is a member as well) convinced me to go to a kickboxing class with her. back when the first group on came out. I was in nursing school and not very active due the intense pressure of my program. I had previously been a competitive dancer and was longing for some way to stay active. I have been a member to a few gyms but never really went consistently. Im not sure what it was but I never really got into it. So when my cousin was talking about another gym I wasn’t really too enthusiastic. But I figured why not. From the moment I walked into the once small gym I was hooked. It was something about the classes and the instructors that made you feel like a total bad a**.It was a combo of learning the art of kickboxing, learning the technique and getting one amazing work out that kept me hooked. Since then I have watched vinny grow this amazing business from the ground up. I have met some amazing people in this unique gym, its really become a family and its so exciting to see all the new members coming in every day. This family is growing by the minute. Everyone motivates each other, so if your new to exercising or your a seasoned vet you will find that between the ppl, the instructors and the work out will challenge you. This is not just a gym its much more then that… and you wont know until you join. I have consistently been a member of this gym since its opened and I am a proud supporter of what this place is all about.
    Do not wait, do not hesitate take one class and I can promise you it will change your life.


Revolution Fitness

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