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I joined Revolution Fitness 3 years ago, and as soon as I took my first cardio kickboxing class I was hooked. The Owners Vinny and Chris are not only amazing trainers but amazing people to be around. They are both extremely professional and knowledgeable and both take the time to make sure they are motivating you to perform to the best of your own ability. Most gyms are so intimidating but not here Vinny and Chris are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable right off the bat as well as them both having big hearts and great sense of humors!! Both Vinny and Chris have been an inspiration to me and have made me realize that my goals are in reach and with the help of the two of them I know I will reach them!!! The gym has a variety of challenging group classes that push you to the limits and make you want more. The gym atmosphere is nothing like I’ve seen before at any other gym you truly feel like you are part of a family which is supportive in every way to get you to your goals. I love seeing the gym dogs Bailey and Karma which I watched grow from when they were puppies they are both LOVES and make me smile every time I walk in to the gym!! I am so happy to be a part of this amazing GYM FAMILY!!! 

-Lisa Misa



Revolution Fitness is where I want to be every chance I get to work out. From the moment I walk through the gym doors and am greeted by Rev's 2 mascots, Bailey and Karma it puts a smile on my face. All of the classes at Revolution are exciting, fun and challenging for every level of fitness. The personal training from owners Vinny and Chris is superior. They get to know what your needs are and challenge you and your efforts. Revolution has made such an impact on my fitness that I now work for them as one of their Spin Instructors. They are always evolving to create and move with the times to give their clients the best workouts possible. If you haven't checked out Revolution, the time is now. Come join the Revolution Army!

-Gina Gallucci



I started coming to Revolution Fitness about a year ago. I was specifically looking for a gym with some cardio kickboxing classes & had done A LOT of shopping around before finally deciding on Revolution. There are so many options here. Each instructor has their own unique style that they bring to the class but the one thing they have in common is that they know how to challenge & push you beyond what you thought you were capable of. The classes are INTENSE but if you are new to boxing or spin or have an injury you're working with, the instructors will take the time to help you modify to make sure you're still getting the most out of the class. The owners Chris & Vinny have really created something special here. A lot of gyms can feel intimidating, but they have found a way to turn that intimidation into inspiration. They make you instantly comfortable from the moment you walk in, whether it's Vinny or Chris shouting a friendly "hello" or the adorable gym dogs greeting you. Revolution has a way of making every member feel like family. So, if you're looking to take your fitness routine to the next level or you're just looking for something that'll keep you interested in finally getting fit, this is the place to come!

-Nicole Moy



Revolution Fitness = RESULTS and FAMILY
I take full advantage of every class the gym offers including cardio kickboxing, spin, body sculpting, and boot camp along with personal training. This gym has the top trained instructors and trainers that push, motivate, and encourage you to be the best you can be and work to your fullest potential!

My favorite part about the gym are the two sweetest dogs Bailey and Karma! They've been with the gym since they were puppies and come over to you wagging their tails and greet you with lits of kisses!

I've been with RF now for over 4 years and am in the Best shape of my life! If your serious about making a change.... JOIN!

-Leslie Amella



Revolution Fitness is not like those large franchise gyms where you feel lost and have to compete for time on equipment. Revolution Fitness is big enough to get a great workout on a large variety of equipment and get involved in activities such as spin classes, kick boxing and cardio sessions while maintaining that neighborhood gym feel. The owners Vinny and Chris are awesome! Its hard to find two people that are more passionate about what they do and how they train their clients. Chris, Vinny and all the trainers at Revolution customize every session to each client and each activity. They know just how much to push you to your limits so you can reach to highest potential. Give Revolution a try, you wont be sorry!

-Rick Monroe



Revolution Fitness is beyond a gym, it's a family and community of people dedicated to fitness and reaching new goals. The owners, Vinny and Chris are supportive and super knowledgeable. I have been going to Revolution for four years and they continue to challenge me and I see the results.

-Monica Buono



I joined Revolution Fitness looking for a killer workout. I wanted to train hard, sweat harder and be pushed beyond my limits. I wanted a gym where my trainers knew what my fitness goals were, what injuries required work-arounds and no matter what, told me I could get to my goal - and beyond it. Revolution Fitness isn't just about gains or mileage or speed. Revolution is about fully living a healthy and fit life style. This gym pushes you to eat right. This gym pushes you to train right without over training - to respect your body's need to recover. This gym has a community of members who support you and cheer for your accomplishments - more family than just fitness friends. I have taken every class Rev offers (there are many). The Power Sculpt HIIT taught by Rev's very own powerhouse, Laura, is a guaranteed way to shred and increase your cardio stamina - she hits every body part and hits it hard! The newly launched spin program is hardcore, high intensity and higher energy - driven by Revs triple threat - Gina, Nora and Rachel! And owners Vinny and Chris' cardio kickboxing is intense, powerful and the ultimate sweat. Gym bonus - two adorable gym pups, Bailey and Karma who often make gym appearances. If classes are your thing - come to Revolution. If personal training works better for you - come to Revolution. If you just want to put your head phones on and run or lift - then come to Revolution. I did and I wouldn't have it any other way.

-Liza Berlent